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To the contrary, the South and West sides were heavily sun-beaten, with wood so dry it would split with a light push of the fingers. The once dark oxford brown colour had faded to a light italian roast mocha shade.

And during the process of painting, a few boards on the south side had to be replaced. They were very old and dry, curving with dehydration, their substance like foam. With our wide experience of trades and services Top Coat Painting went the extra mile to repair it correctly and make it right. 

Arriving to this multi-level strata we were informed of the need to repaint the brown cedar wood siding. Reviewing the siding on all four sides revealed the North and East sides to be least faded, holding their dark brown colour; but more heavily soiled with moss and mildew - which is not necessarily a good sign.

Like usual, there was noticeable flaking of old paint as well as numerous loose boards that needed tightening. A few corners were barely holding on and a few ledges looked potentially problematic. With all of our reputable experience and many personal testimonials Top Coat Painting was awarded the contract to restore this strata.

  1. Making you look good!

Because the problematic areas such as the severely rotten window ledges were out of our scope as professional painters, we presented the problems identified in our pre-tour walk around and referred prompt and reliable trades that would best suite their needs. After a few interviews with the contractors, the decision was made for the window ledges to be fixed as well.

In the end, the strata council was delighted with the extra effort Top Coat Painting displayed. From the initial interview to the finishing touches, the communication and coordination between the strata council, the Top Coat team, and the additional trades was always clear and punctual.

Success stories like these are what Top Coat Painting are made with. With prompt estimates and professional painters you’ll see the difference experience and foresight provides.

Top Coat Painting not only strives for top quality production methods and customer service, we respond to the surprises of and make you look good!

Rotten Window Ledge - North West Corner



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Faded - South Side

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