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Colour Assistance

Many people find it difficult to envision the finished look before the paint goes on. And even if your vision is clear, getting the right paint, in the right place, to find the right feel is the trick... and that’s how Top Coat Painting can guide you through this process and make your transition smooth - from the start to the finish.

Choosing the right colours for your project can be an extremely frustrating process and experience. But you’re in good company with Top Coat Painting.

Along with our experienced network of professional colour decorators and interior designers, Top Coat Painting offers you a computer generated image of your home with the colours of your choice, a preview into the vision you may have.

Our skilled and talented staff can assist you in the preparation and presentation of your colour design options and help you visualize which painting scheme is best for you. Viewable on a computer screen or delivered personally by photograph, this important pre-painting step kick-starts your imagination and sets in motion a successful project that is predictable and professional.

With thousands of different shades, tones, and colours, we’ll assist you in the right direction so you can make a confident and accurate colour choice. With all the uncertainties in life, it’s good to know that you’ll have a professional painter that cares about how you feel about the final look. Email or call us to book your consultation today!

Top Coat Painting intends on completing every project and thats why we work patiently with every customer making sure their ideas and concerns are heard, documented, and applied in the final product. By reviewing a few colour options before you start the project, a world of opportunities may open up and the chance of a successful final product increases dramatically.

In today’s world, there’s no reason you should be left in the dark when it comes to the outcome of your home or property. Our computer generated Colour Assistance Program helps you get the desired look and sets the stage for your successful painting project!

Colour Design for your Home

For starters, with every interior and exterior project, Top Coat Painting can apply a sample of your chosen colours directly to the surface that is to be painted. This small sample will ensure you are happy with your final choice. We know painting, and our experience can assist you through your project.

This personal attention and important pre-painting step helps rest any doubt or uncertainty you may have about the final colour that transforms your home. After all, the texture of the surface to be painted as well as the versatile nature of artificial and natural light in all seasons can make the same colour look many different shades.

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Final Colour Pallet

Final Colour Pallet

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