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Commercial Overview

Your business opportunities can’t wait for the paint to dry, nor should your customer’s experience with your business be undermined during any renovation or improvement project.

With the capacity for small and large industrial projects, our goal is to make sure your business shines throughout the painting project. Flexible planning and scheduling along with experienced project management is what we provide to all contractors and business owners.

Using an expert painting contractor that understands your commercial needs will save you time, customer retention and the bottom line. It’s business as usual when Top Coat Painting is involved!

Top Coat Painting is dedicated to ensure a smooth and successful transition or remodeling of your business without the inherent hassles from disorganized planning and scheduling.

New Construction & Renovations
Heritage Restoration & Detailed Finishing
Restaurants & Grocery Stores
Government & other Office Spaces
Hotels & Tourism  
Bakery & Coffee Shops
Banking & Insurance Buildings
Shopping Plaza’s & Retail Outlets
Bed & Breakfasts
Book Stores & Hair Salons
Any Service Sector
Healthcare services

Types of Commercial Projects

Low & No VOC Acrylic Paints
Low VOC Alkyd Industrial Enamels
Polyurethane & Elastomeric Coatings
Water & Oil Based Stains 
Lacquers & Shellac Oil and Resins
Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating
Eco Friendly Coatings

Types of Industrial Products

In the end, you will be protected by a team of dedicated and experienced painting professionals that not only adhere to strict trade and industry painting standards, but know how to alleviate the potential problems that can result with tardy completions.

At any point after your painting project, your questions and concerns will be immediately addressed and quickly resolved so you can rest stress free with peace of mind knowing that you chose a top painting company that follows through with their promises. That company is Top Coat Painting!

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