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Detailed & Clean

The decision to paint the interior of your home can be a major undertaking. It takes a plan, as well as an element of time and skill that can only be known through years of experience.

Top Coat Painting’s promise is to keep your belongings and privacy protected and respected at all times throughout the project. Our communication system allows you to confidently plan your life and know exactly what to expect from us.

With light feet and reduced noise, your home will be kept tidy and safe with:

Here are the basic Top Coat Painting Processes that produce quality finishing:

  1. 1.Introduction: This introductory phase is where you are introduced to our team. Employees receive a worksite walk though, reviewing the scope of work and all the important details.

  2. 2.Preparation: All furniture and property is properly covered and protected throughout the project. Walls are prepared, holes are filled, gaps are caulked, sealed/priming of stains and drywall, and a thorough sanding of all surfaces for the final top coat.

  3. 3.Post-Prep Clean-up: A quality finish depends on the cleanliness of the surface. All dust and debris is cleaned and vacuumed ready for paint.

  4. 4.Painting: All surfaces are coated with top quality low VOC products for lasting results with a smooth, even finish.

  1. 5.Ongoing Inspection: Daily on-site check-ups from the Production Supervisors maintain our quality and assures on-time completion.

  2. 6.Thorough Clean-up: Your home and belongings are set back, left in the same condition as found. All paints, recyclables and garbage are taken off site. Our equipment is always washed offsite in one of our recycling containers.

  3. 7.Final Inspection: With the scope of work and clean-up completed, a final inspection is performed for your approval.

Painting Process

“We are never finished until you are completely satisfied!”

Your time is more valuable doing the profession you know best while our time is dedicated to detailed quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. This is what we’re known for.

  1. BulletRepaints

  2. BulletRenovations

  3. BulletWater Damage

  1. BulletDrywall Repair

  2. BulletResale tune-up

  3. BulletMaintenance

  1. BulletWalls, Ceiling, Trim

  2. BulletPickets & Handrails

  3. BulletCabinets & Doors

  4. BulletKitchen & Baths

  5. BulletVaulted Ceiling

  6. BulletWallpaper Removal

  1. BulletCoves & Crowns

  2. BulletTile & Masonry

  3. BulletNew Drywall

  4. BulletWood Stain

  5. BulletWainscoting

  6. BulletSkylights

  1. BulletLow VOC Acrylic

  2. BulletLow VOC Alkyd

  3. BulletPrimers & Enamels

  1. BulletEco-friendly cleaners

  2. BulletMelamine & Cabinets

  3. BulletMetallic Paint

Painting Surfaces

Painting Services

Paint Types

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