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Three Year Guaranty

Our promise to you is to be prompt, professional, and deliver exactly what we say. Top Coat Painting produces a quality product on time and done right. This can only be accomplished though experience - there are no short cuts.

One of the reasons home owners and strata councils choose Top Coat Painting, is for our outstanding reputation for keeping a promise.

If you notice any flaking, blistering or peeling of paint during the course of the guaranty, we will respond immediately to your concerns and arrange a time to assess and correct the problem.

We work with you to schedule a yearly time and date to arrive on-site and physically check and identify key locations to be tuned-up or maintained.

When you choose Top Coat Painting to beautify your property, this investment is backed with our limited three year guaranty. What does this mean? It means ‘we got your back’ for three years! We also do an annual maintenance check in each of those three years. So it remains our responsibility to ensure everything is up to speed.

If you spot or see anything out of the ordinary about the paint or the work from our team, you can contact us to assess it and we will repair it without charge.

If you have any questions or concerns about the longevity of the finish or how to further protect your finish from the elements, just contact us for free advice and we’ll provide you with experienced on-site tips and pointers.

Extended Warranty

With our extended warranty which includes our three year guaranty, you are also provided with an additional two year annual maintenance check up. Since every painting project is slightly different, your maintenance program is specifically designed for the features and architecture of your home or property.

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To guaranty a top quality finish you need an experienced and professional company, preferably one that been recommended. Second, you need a company you can trust to deliver on its promise. Things can and do go wrong. With this in mind, what really counts is how the situation is handled. Thirdly, you need a company that will back its guaranty. Will the company be accountable or even be around to actually keep their word?

Here are a few examples of what our extended warranty identifies:

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(250) 385-0478

Horizontal Surfaces

Window Ledges

Fascias & Tudors

South & West Sides

Doors & High Traffic

Power Washing

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