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Oak Bay News – May 25, 2011
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The Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club is looking a lot smarter these days – even smarter than planned. The club engaged Top Coat Painting for the tricky job of repainting the tall lamp standards for the floodlights that are used for evening play.
While perched 20 feet above the ground, the painters noticed the backboards that surrounded the two bowling greens also needed painting. Instead of proposing an extension to their contract, the company offered to paint the boards for free as part of its “Giving Back” community service program.
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The offer sparked a flurry of activity. Teams of club members moved in on May 9 to prepare for the painters. All the sand in the ditches had to be removed and the grass on the other sides of the boards pulled back, before the company’s volunteers arrived the next day.
It was a two-day job to apply two coats of paint to the almost 1,000 feet of backboards. On the Friday, club members restored all the sand and grass and painted the rink markers on the boards.
Inspired by Top Coat’s example, the club members embarked on a painting spree to paint all the benches and shelters as well. The club extends its sincere thanks to Top Coat Painting for its great community spirit.
Before & After Pics – Metal Light Posts
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With balance, grace and years of experience Top Coat Painting ensures safe and considerate painting practices. Even tough jobs that incorporate precarious heights and hard to reach areas like these 25 foot light posts are thoroughly planned and safely monitored as the painting proceeds.
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Exterior metal structures like these light poles at the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club in Victoria, BC have a tendency to collect large areas of rust – mostly due to the constantly changing weather of the west coast. But with thorough preparation and application of proper rust inhibitor primers Top Coat Painting can bring the life back to any surface.
op Coat Painting would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the members of the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club who provided friendly and cooperative support during the painting project. Here’s to another local success story for the residents of Oak Bay!
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