Top Coat Painting


It’s no secret that the first most important ingredient for any successful project is having skilled, knowledgeable workers, with great positive attitudes.
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Secondly, is to have a project plan that accounts for all of the details, which are clearly communicated right from the start of the project up until its completion.
Thirdly, is to review the plan, the work, and the team, in a continued process of improvement. It is the foundation of our responsibility and accountability to both our employees and clients.


One of the main reasons Top Coat Painting has risen to the top in the painting service industry is their commitment to happy and knowledgeable workers.
Top Coat Painting strives to maintain strong organizational culture, teaching leadership and accountability by modeling the way. From the sales team to the production management we strive to account for every detail. If it’s requested, you can count on it being delivered beyond your satisfaction.
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Top Coat Painting attracts individuals who can deliver their promises and go the extra mile without hesitation

By providing an inspiring working environment through daily coaching, regular training programs, employee reviews and post-job analysis, Top Coat Painting attracts individuals who can deliver their promises and go the extra mile without hesitation. Individual and team recognition is at the heart of Top Coat’s customer service program. This is how we make sure every project we do ends up in a win-win result for everyone involved!
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Top Coat Painting places an emphasis on individual growth and awareness through continual education. All of our long-time staff live physical active lifestyles, are community oriented and hustle with grace while on the job.
We maintain high expectations for customer fulfillment and on-time project completion for every client.

Important attributes of our team

Important attributes of our team is trustworthiness and integrity, and we’re committed to seeing through all of our promises. Responsible project managers will lead every project and guaranty you receive the quality product and service you deserve. Our accurate screening and hiring process ensures you get skilled and knowledgeable professionals on your property with no unexpected subcontracting. That’s a Promise!


Running a marathon without thorough training, or handling dangerous materials without proper education, can only result in costly mistakes or possible injury. Without the proper training and analytic reviews along the way, avoidable mistakes will persist and the final goal unreachable.
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All of Top Coat Painting employees go through a rigorous company overview and receive regular training and quality assurance tests to maintain the highest quality and customer service. Effective communication and post-job reviews keep the standards high throughout every project.
Our Project Managers have a minimum of 5 years hands-on experience and continue to advance their education in the fields of products, painting techniques and relevant industry standards.