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The natural beauty of Vancouver Island is sought as a destination for millions each year. As local stewards of our community, it’s our job to respect the land and make sure our planet is kept clean and tidy.

Details within the painting process

With our natural environment changing each day, Top Coat Painting identifies the details within the painting process, and creates efficiencies that support more sustainable business practices. Creating excess waste like paint, plastic, toxic solvents and other disposable painting materials may not seem important on small painting projects, but over time and without due care, this small waste builds up.

Our environmental initiatives

That’s why Top Coat Painting is constantly innovating new ways of minimizing the effects of the painting industry on the environment. One of these environmental initiatives is our complimentary Paint Recycling Program, which increases awareness and accountability for proper paint disposal and recycling. By collecting and disposing all your old unwanted paint, we save you time, eliminate cluttered areas, and save the environment from unsafe disposal practices.
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15 years of quality painting and community service to Victoria

WIth 15 years of quality painting and community service to Victoria, Top Coat Painting has participated with the increased environmental awareness of the effects of misplaced and improper disposal of paint materials.

VOC’s - Volitile Organic Compounds

Until now, VOC’s were commonly found in almost all paint products. These VOC’s are not only toxic to the environment, they can linger in your home and affect your health. It affects your four legged best friends too.
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Top Coat Painting strives to maintain the highest standards in quality products and sustainable practices, knowing that continuous product knowledge and development helps us inform you of the best paint products on the market. Your health and well-being is important to us, and thats why Top Coat Painting always uses low or zero VOC paint in all interior painting projects.

Learn more about Volatile Organic Compounds and their hazardous effect on the environment

Worksite Environment & Your Property

While painting and restoring the beauty of your home, strata or business, Top Coat Painting promises your property will be respected and protected from excess disturbance. All special and delicate areas around your home are documented and communicated to the painters before the work commences.
  • We care for your property

    We never clean our tools on your property, and never rinse paint onto your garden or lawn. Used paint cans and dirty materials are contained and removed off your property for proper cleaning and disposal.

  • We protect your garden

    Top Coat Painting protects your small herb and vegetable gardens with light fabric, from debris produced from the preparation and the painting. This ensures zero contamination of your soil or vegetables.

  • We leave your property clean

    Light sheets are used to cover all plants, shrubs and foliage. This allows your plants to breathe while we work around your home. We leave your home or business exactly the way we arrived to it - clean, safe and presentable.

Small considerations like this is what separates caring professionals from the rest. When you choose Top Coat Painting to deliver a quality paint finish, you know you’re in good hands with knowledgeable and skilled workers, who care about your property and the environment around them.


Top Coat Painting is a proud member of the CaGBC, and encourages education and local involvement in the development of a green future. Promoting educational materials towards accelerated green buildings, energy efficiency and community sustainability, we endorse the LEED Accreditation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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