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Project Checklist

You can be sure that Top Coat Painting will provide quality work and deliver exactly what they say. We treat you and your property with care and respect.
In our years and experience dealing with homeowners, both interior and exterior, we’ve noticed that many are not prepared for the scope and undertaking needed to produce a quality finish. Top Coat Painting listens to your needs and works with your schedule, while communicating exactly how the painting process takes place.
Using Top Coat’s Project Checklist, you get the basics of what your painting experience should be. This Project Checklist prevents you from the bottlenecks and obstacles commonly identified in most painting projects. Use this checklist to monitor the flow of your project or contact us today for a free estimate and expert advice on painting and color design.

Step 1 : Pre Painting

  • Identify the areas for painting

    Know what the problem is, that’s half the battle. Walk around and identify the items that need painting before, and writing them down as you go. This saves time and confusion when talking with the contractor. Also, it helps you record exactly what you’re paying for.

  • Interview qualified and insured candidates.

    This process is unique to each individual, but there are a few standards that never fail and safeguard you against any uncertainty that can arise ‘out of the blue’. A rule of thumb is to make sure they are qualified with WCB and Liability Insurance. This protects you from onsite accidents or mishaps. Accidents happen, but they can be preventable with the right foreknowledge!

  • Check written affidavits as well as phone/verbal testimonials

    Another way to safeguard yourself from any unwanted or last minute surprises is to reference the contractors written and verbal testimonials. If a painters work is only as good as their last project, then there should be little hesitation on the part of the contractor to provide pictures, references of past clients and from the community, or from their suppliers.

  • Confirm the standards, colours and details of the project

    An important part of success is laying out the ground work. To avoid inefficiencies before your start painting, this is when the contractor guides you through the details including daily requirements, a completion date, your colour pallet, and other important details. This sets the pace and the tone of the painting project, something Top Coat Painting excels at.

Step 2 : Production

  • Meet the team

    A committed and professional painting company in Victoria should introduced the individuals who will be performing the painting to the owner or other trades on site. Usually, a flexible and patient painter makes a friendly painter. Our service oriented painters are carefully selected with high standards of professionalism.

  • Daily oversight from Production Manager

    Your painting project should be assigned by a responsible Production Supervisor who performs daily on-site check-ups to make sure your experience is a pleasant one throughout the whole duration of the project. Consistent punctuality and on-time completion happens when you know what to expect.

  • Daily tidiness and clean-up

    Professional trades should leave your property the way they arrived to it each morning. Although the painting process can take time, you shouldn’t have to deal with the worksite when the painters leave. Tools, hazardous materials and paints should be organized and ordered to promote a safe working environment for everyone.

Step 3 : Post Painting

  • Completion and final inspection

    Wrapping up the small and infinite amount of details for each project including painting touch-ups, color and touch-up paint consolidation, final reconfiguration of furniture and fixtures and clean up, takes time. The final inspection of the work is an important part of the post painting process. Top Coat Painting makes sure you are happy before we leave.

  • Invoicing and final summary

    If you followed the basics of all of the above, this part should be straightforward and predictable, without any hidden charges or extra costs. Always expect a competitive price that backs the services provided by a punctual, reliable and professional painting contractor.

  • Maintenance and warranty

    There should be little to no maintenance needed to the painted surfaces if the application and production was performed correctly. This is why most reputable painting companies will provide a warranty on their work and stand by their word to repair, fix or correct any problems that arise in the future. Click here to see Top Coat Painting’s outstanding three year quality guaranty.