Top Coat Painting


Regular maintenance around your home, strata or business is more cost effective than dealing with paint failure and costly damage from years of neglect.
The maintenance principle states that preventing paint failure is better than dealing with paint failure. And when you deal with paint failure, you can bet there’s surprises along the way. In the long run, the integrity of your home or business affects the value of your investment, and that’s where Top Coat Painting can help you.
One of the unique standards of Top Coat Painting is their one-year annual project inspection with their previous clients to review the integrity of their work.
A full on-site walk around and analysis is performed to make sure your home or property has no deficiencies within the work.
If there is anything noticed and identified as needing attention, Top Coat Painting will address and fix the issue immediately without charge. This is part of our 3 year guaranty.

Horizontal Surfaces


Decks & Stairs


Why is it important to maintain horizontal surfaces?


Horizontal surfaces hold water for longer durations than vertical surfaces. They stay wet for longer and tend to take longer to dry out. Once the penetration of water breaks through the paint surface onto the substrate (usually wood) the next phase is rot. When rot occurs, cost increases do to replacement.

South-facing Sides


South SIde


Why focus on the South side of my home only?


The truth is, the three sides that are affected the most from the elements tend to be the east from the morning sunrise, the south from the hot afternoon heat, and the west from the long summer sunsets. Most often the south side is more exposed to the wind, rain and sun than the other sides because of our geographic location, so this places a greater emphasis on the south side of your property. Not every south side needs regular maintenance and there are many factors involved in weather exposure but most south faces take more of a beating than the others.

Dark Colours


Deep Colours


Are lighter colours more stable over the long run?


More often than not, lighter colours tend to contain less pigment and also attract less sunlight which in turn holds less heat. When substrates heat up (wood) it has the tendency to contract more which in turn may break the paint coating and create flaking. But a big factor in the longevity of the mechanical part of paint is the proper preparation before the painting is performed. Lighter colours tend to have better colour retention than dark heavy colours, but a major factor in colour retention is the quality of paint applied to the surface. These two factors are usually the main factors that create paint to fail.

Kitchen & Bathroom


Moisture Build-up


Which part of my interior will need maintenance?


The areas of most wear and tear inside the home are the kitchen and bathrooms – due to the repetitious moisture content, and hallways and door frames – from excess traffic in tight areas. Kitchens tend to be larger and have more ventilation than bathrooms so that is where the maintenance is required. Using low VOC mildew resistant paint helps prevent excess build up of black mold, commonly found on bathroom ceilings. Paint and preparation are important factors in the longevity of the application.