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Power Washing

Power washing, or commonly known as pressure washing, is an integral step in the exterior painting process. Just like interior painting, most exterior surfaces will need cleaning before you apply paint.
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Cleaning Exterior Surfaces

Houses, buildings and structures that are close to high-traffic roads, tend to build up more dirt and debris than others off the beaten path. And in Victoria, houses that are close to the ocean tend to accumulate salt residue and other organic contaminants from birds and other sea life.
In contrast, houses buried in the neck of the woods tend to accumulate moss and mildew build up due to the constant moisture, small amount of direct sunlight and reduced airflow around the home. All of these environmental circumstances create conflict with the integrity of your paint and can eventually lead to paint failure.

Top Coat Painting produces the best quality finish

When Top Coat Painting is called for a free estimate of your home, strata or commercial property, we listen to your concerns and analyze the method of production that produces the best quality finish. The safety of your and your guests is of the utmost concern to Top Coat Painting, and we remain diligent to ensure nothing is neglected or forgotten.

Before and After

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There are many different opinions about the use of power washers for cleaning surfaces but like most tools, your finished product will depend on the knowledge and experience of how you use the tool, and the surface you are cleaning. Not every job entitles the use of power washers, and its this experienced knowledge that makes the difference between a lasting paint job and a future frustration.
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Top Coat Painting ensures that your home is protected at every stage of the painting process, and delivered by knowledgeable painters who care about your home. We analyze your home during the pre-painting assessment, and communicate key areas of concern directly to the production team. Our painters are extensively trained in the field of cleaning and surface preparation, and are provided with job-specfic tips and foreknowledge, that ensure thorough craftsmanship and assurance that your property is cared for.
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Hand Wash & Rinse

Where power washing is too abrasive, and not the right tool for the job, we hand wash surfaces using environmentally friendly degreasers and cleaning agents. With a bucket of soap and old fashion elbow grease, Top Coat Painting makes sure your home is prepared with the right process.
After all, if this vital cleaning step is neglected from the preparation process, your final product will not last as it should.

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