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Top Coat Painting has the ability to quickly respond to all small and unique wallpaper details. We have the tools and experience to help remove and apply wallpaper.
wall paper removal
While wallpaper can make an excellent feature to a unique room with its warmth and style, it holds up through time when applied properly and is still very popular among designers and modern architects. Other rooms may not necessarily have the same feel so wallpaper is less desirable.
wall paper removal 3

Wallpaper Removal

If you want to switch from wallpaper to paint, you will most likely have to remove the wallpaper prior to painting the wall. In some rare circumstances you can paint over wallpaper, but most often it depends on the product’s design and the integrity of the adhesion of the wallpaper to the wall. Always do a test sample first!
Top Coat Painting is equipped with the right attitude and tools to remove the wallpaper in a clean and contained manner. We protect your floors and dispose of all the garbage off site. We save you hours of your own labour and can prepare the walls properly for paint immediately after.
wall paper removal 2

BEFORE - grasscloth wallpaper

wall mounting

AFTER - clean and complete

Our Promise

All Top Coat employees are fully insured and trained for worksite safety and accident prevention. Service skills are a prerequisite for all employees so your satisfaction is guaranteed! We arrive on time, everyday and stay until the job is completed – that’s our Promise.

Strata & Condo Wall Covering

With quality craftsmanship and detailed precision, Top Coat Painting can assist your strata or condo building with all your wall covering removal, and re-applications. Along with clean and professional painting we can plan, organize and install any common area wall covering. When your strata needs an interior makeover, call Top Coat Painting to receive free expert knowledge, production assessments and numerous decorating tips.
wall paper removal 4
Wall coverings are easy to clean and provide great durability throughout the high-traffic areas of your strata.

Rugged ‘rouge’ wall covering below chair rail

wall paper removal 5
Wall covering in the common areas of your condo and strata can greatly enhance the feel and esthetics of your living area. It adds warmth, depth and texture that paint cannot produce, while creating an element of elegance for your neighbours and guests.

Soft ‘straw’ wall covering above chair rail