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When you choose Top Coat Painting to help revitalize your interior, we go the extra mile to make sure your home and belongings are protected. One of the unique ways we show our care is by wearing shoe covers when working indoors.
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Where heavier equipment such as ladders are involved, proper footwear and safety is top priority. Therefore our experienced painters make sure your home is protected and clean.
We take it one step further by covering our light runners with durable shoe covers, so that you home is kept clean at all times. This allows our painters to safely perform a quality paint job while maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Top Coat Painting has up-to-date WCB and liability insurance to protect you at all times. (click here to see)
Along with canvas drop sheets to protect your carpets and hardwood floors, we carefully cover and protect all decor items like couches, lampshades, computers, tables, paintings and household plants with the appropriate materials. We make sure all your belongings are properly covered so that nothing is contaminated, soiled or damaged.
All light fixtures and overhead attachments are properly covered and protected from any painting or damage. These little preparation details add extra protection and show the difference Top Coat Painting makes!
It is our guaranty that proper preparation of all surfaces prior to painting as well as consistent protection of your belongings remains on top of our list while in your home. And when you call Top Coat Painting for your interior estimate, we will listen to your requests and schedule an immediate appointment that suites your time, with a next day follow up.
Click through the pictures below to see other examples of how Top Coat Painting takes professional care within every aspect of your interior painting project.

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