Valentine's Day Surprise - Lasting Impressions

The customary gifts for Valentines Day are a selection of red roses, a box of chocolates, and a beautifully hand-written card expressing your deepest emotions to your most cherished love. These gifts leave lasting impressions but unfortunately are quickly consumed, dried into potpourri or thrown into the abyss of other precious memories and shortly forgotten.
One unique way to spice up your Valentines Day and bring a lasting impression of love to your family is to add a little colour to your favourite room. You don’t necessarily have to paint the whole room – that can be a lot of work. Instead, select one wall of your favourite room and add a complimentary colour that is found in items within the room – a unique red in the area rug, a soft pastel green from the pillows on the couch, or a light pale blue detail from the painting on the wall. There is no limit to inspiration once unleashed.
The color of the year for 2013 is Emerald Green – Elegant, Lively, and Fresh! The colour green has been a symbol of fertility since the beginning of time and is known to create a calming effect to the soul.
But just because the colour red is associated with Valentines Day, doesn’t mean you can’t mix up a new colour and show your loved one your elegant, lively and fresh appeal into the spring months. You never know, it might bring more life than you expected!
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Here are a few eco-painting tips that will extend your Valentine’s Day while caring for the environment around you.
  • Always start your painting project with low or Zero VOC

    Always start your painting project with low or Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint. It’s not only healthier for your family and the environment but you will save the surprise due to the low odour found in low VOC paint.

  • Purchase your tools with the intent of reusing them

    Even though painting tools are reasonably inexpensive, proper cleaning and maintenance of your tools can save you money in the long run and eliminate the waste from your project which only ends up in the landfill. Using old bed sheets or canvases as drop clothes to cover your floors and furniture are great examples of reusing items commonly found items around your home while reducing waste. This beats disposing garbage bags of plastic at the end of the project.

  • Be kind to the environment

    Dispose your paint properly. Every time you purchase paint there is an environmental fee that is added to you final bill. This fee allows you to recycle your paint at almost all major recycling facilities at no additional charge. Also, most retail paint stores in Victoria will happily accept nominal paint cans without a charge. Take advantage of it - you paid for it!

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Save a little time on your busy weekend and call Top Coat Painting to find out how you can recycle your old and unwanted paint with our Curb-side Community Recycling Program. We’ll make you look good with a clean garage and a clean conscience.
Bringing life into a room with paint is a cost effective and lasting gift that will extend your love for your partner into the spring and summer months. And by painting a Valentine’s Day feature wall with these eco-painting tips in mind, you will express your commitment of love, creativeness and thoughtful care to your family and the environment around you. After all, what would the world be like without a little colour now and then?
For 2013, be bold and Bee Green – be Emerald Green!

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