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Client Feedback

With every painting project, we request feedback from you to ensure that our production and communication systems meet and exceed your standards.
Focussing on qualities of integrity, reliability, punctuality and trust – we deliver top notch service and professional craftsmanship without the stress of managing and organizing every aspect of the painting process. And while you are busy with the important details of your life, Top Coat Painting is a company you can trust to get the job done!
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Our Project Managers and team Captains are carefully hand picked through our recruiting process and coached through every job to deliver exactly what we promise. After each project is completed, a careful review of the Client Feedback Form is shown and given to the team so they know exactly where they shine and what needs to be improved.

Top Coat Painting

Top Coat Painting feels that it’s this personal attention and review at the end of every project that sets the pace, which keeps the production standards and team moral high for the next project. It also lets you know that we’re on top of our service to you and promise to deliver exactly what we say!

Read previous client’s feedback for your consideration.

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