Top Coat Painting

Painting Services Overview

Top Coat Painting is dedicated to providing quality workmanship, project completion and outstanding customer service to you and the community.

All of our interior and exterior painting is performed under the MPDA guidelines and with industry standards.

Interior Exterior Painting Services

We are pleased to recommend Top Coat Painting. From management to workers on the job, we were highly impressed.
We were not rushed in choosing the right colour for home and the decision was made easier when the company went out of their way to provide several colour choices in our colour range and paint large squares on the house in both sun and shade sides.
The painters took pride in doing a stellar job from prep work to finish. All the details contained in the contract were met. We would highly recommend Top Coat.

Daniel Joseph

Langford, BC

The interior of your home or office creates energy, and choosing the right paint colours is essential if you want a comfortable home or high-performing employees. Top Coat Painting’s professional house painters deliver quality interior painting to Victoria, Saanich, and to the Gulf Islands.

Below are a few interior surfaces we help you paint:

The weather on the west coast of Vancouver Island can be harsh on the exterior of your home. And if your home is located on the water’s edge – Uplands, North Saanich, Sidney, Fairfield or James Bay – it’s almost like living on a boat.

Top Coat Painting can help you paint the exterior of your home and provide a lasting finish with a 3-year warranty that will protect you from any unexpected circumstances. 

Below are a few exterior surfaces we help you paint:

“Top Coat was fantastic. Paul’s team arrived early each day.

And they always tied it up behind them before leaving at the end of the day. It makes a huge difference to a family‘s comfort level when the painter is pleasant, polite and obviously committed to the job.

So much that we felt secure in allowing them access into our home.

Cheo S.

Sidney, BC

Complete Residential Painting Care

Your time is valuable and its better spent focusing on the skills and passions you have. As painters, we enjoy what we do. Our passion is to create smiles, trusting relationships, and winning results. Our skill is the ability to focus on quality workmanship. We show up on time, stay the entire day, and return each day… until your project is perfect, clean, and complete. That’s the promise we keep!


Trusted Painting Services

Top Coat Painting’s craftsmanship extends far beyond interior and exterior painting. Your complete satisfaction means we go beyond the call of duty and make sure every move counts.

Just as an enjoyable dining experience at a nice restaurant is more than just the taste of the food – we pride ourselves in providing positive and thoughtful energy in the work place. From the initial greeting to the annual follow-up, you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference Top Coat Painting makes.

By having extended home improvement skills and the experience to foresee the little things that make a difference, Top Coat Painting maintains your trust and satisfaction by identifying area’s of concern that may arise in the future. We’ve all heard about, or perhaps experienced the project that didn’t go quite right. It can happen – and if it does, it’s all about the way it’s handled!

You will be amazed at how choosing Top Coat Painting for your interior or exterior painting project will make a positive difference in your daily stress, family happiness and personal pocket book.