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Strata & Condo's

Making group decisions is challenging – but it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Strata and Condo’s deserve a break and we can help you make the painting process seamless.

Top Coat Painting has the capacity to assist your Strata & Condo's council members with:

Your time, the organizing, and the cost of the project, makes painting your strata building a very important decision. We know all too well, that even relationships within a strata building can also be dependent on how well the project is carried through.

It’s a decision that deserves the very best of information and a decision that ensures a pleasant ending to a successfully completed project. That’s where Top Coat Painting’s experienced project management and caring advice can help you! 

Strata & Condo’s hire Top Coat Painting because of our reputable name and dedication to customer service. Call today or book your estimate online.

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With our commitment to providing top notch painting services for interior and exterior projects, your residents will experience a pleasant transition from the old to the new.

Flexible scheduling, on-time completions, quality workmanship, and the ability to keep everybody happy is what we’re best known for. Its why property managers and strata councils call us time after time.

And when it comes to production, safety and cleanliness are top priority. Our painters are extensively trained and maintain friendly customer service throughout the project. It all starts at the hiring process of our painters, because they make all the difference when the wheels hit the road!

Types of Strata Projects

Whether it is a large project or a small maintenance issue, Top Coat Painting will provide quick and reliable service with knowledgeable workmanship. We work closely with Victoria Heritage Foundation and adhere to their painting guidelines. Here is a list of common painting projects your strata or condo building may encounter: